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RFID tags can be placed directly on a product or on its packaging, but we can also find these tags in the plastic cards of access control systems. The RFID reader unit communicates with the tags via radio waves. The RFID reader unit is connected to a computer or it functions via an IP network, a server unit, which is responsible for the operation of the system and filters the received data before transferring them to the database. Finally, the data may be stored in an enterprise management or logistic system.

The application or server running the RFID system generally performs the following tasks:

  • identifies the content of the consignment;
  • checks the item number;
  • compares the order data with the items read;
  • filters faulty items;
  • signals if an ordered item is missing from the package;
  • transfers the data for invoicing.

The number of application possibilities is endless.

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