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Fargo HDP5600 93640 System Description

Fargo’s HDP5600 dual-sided, configurable printing solution yields high definition ID cards with industry leading image quality, thanks to the affordable 600DPI resolution. Equipped with retransfer technology and accepting of various integration features, the HDP5600 is a cost-effective, reliable solution for your printing and encoding needs. This highly secure, versatile solution is ideal for industries such as Government, Healthcare, Corporations, and Universities. The HDP5600 solution includes a color ribbon, cleaning rollers, cards, Asure ID software and a USB webcam – everything you need to get started at a great price.

Fargo’s HDP5600 Dingle-Sided, Configurable Printer

    • High Resolution 600DPI printing:
      Fargo’s HDP5600 Printer is available in 600DPI (23.6 dots/mm) printing resolution. This superior resolution was expertly designed by Fargo to meet the requirements of printing high quality ID cards. As a result, the HDP5600 produces a sharp, photographic high definition image, to reflect the value of your brand. With 600DPI, images and text are crisp and colors are brilliantly vibrant. In addition, the resin printing capabilities of the 600DPI resolution allow for precise printing of small text and crisply defined barcodes. As if that wasn’t enough, the built-in Color Assist tool aids in matching up to 16.7 million colors for any company logo or graphic ensuring an exact color profile match.
    • Retransfer Technology
      The HDP5600 features fifth-generation retransfer technology of High Definition Printing. This innovative solution combines advanced, integrated features with the proven reliability and durability of HDP. With retransfer printing, the printhead never comes in contact with the ID cards, but rather, the card images are printed on a clear, retransfer film that is fused to the card surface. As a result of this process, over-the-edge, or full-bleed, printing is possible. In addition, retransfer printers are capable of printing on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards, proximity cards, pre-punched cards, and key tag cards. Retransfer technology is ideal for print jobs that require the printing of high quality, crisp images and logos. Combined with 600DPI printing resolution, Fargo’s HDP5600 retransfer printer produces state-of-the-art, photographic quality credentials.
    • Enhanced physical security & durability:
      Retransfer printing is inherently more secure and durable than other forms of printing due to the nature of the retransfer process. In the event that a counterfeiter attempts to peel apart the layers of the card, the image will be destroyed. What’s more – the retransfer (HDP) film itself adds an additional layer of protection between the card image and the surrounding environment. Retransfer ribbons are available with a holographic mark known as High-Secure Design which further increases security by reducing the ability to replicate cards. Unlike lower resolution printers, the 600DPI printing resolution of the HDP5600 printer also allows you to print a variety of security features such as fine text and characters.
    • Flexible Modular Design:
      Fargo’s HDP5600 was strategically designed as a fully customizable printer to suit the individual needs of users. Each component of the system is known as a “module.” If you would like to add an additional feature at any point, such as dual sided printing, simply purchase the appropriate module and attach it to your existing system. Various field upgradable modules are available, including single and dual sided lamination, magnetic and smart card encoding, and wifi connectivity. Whatever your needs may be down the road, this system will meet you there.
    • Flexible and Secure Supplies:
      The HDP5600 can be loaded with a variety of cards, ribbons, films, and laminates to suit your needs for card security and durability. The HDP5600 printer supports CR80 cards in a thickness between 30 Mil and 50 Mil. Aside from the cards, this Fargo printer accepts standard retransfer film, high-durability retransfer film, or holographic retransfer film. While high-durability retransfer film is three times tougher than standard films, holographic retransfer film features a high-secure orbit hologram design for increased card security. When it comes to ribbons, all standard monochrome and color formats are compatible with Fargo’s HDP5600, as well as ribbons with increased security panels such as UV fluorescent dye.
    • High Productivity:
      Clearly designed with productivity in mind, the HDP5600 printer is capable of printing at speeds of up to 150 cards per hour. The 200 card output hopper and upgradable input hopper result in fewer trips to the printer in order to load supplies and remove cards. Retransfer technology is also less susceptible to damage from card imperfections, significantly reducing down time throughout the life of your printer. Fargo’s HDP5600 3 year manufacturer warranty and lifetime printhead warranty ensure your system will be up and running when you need it.
    • Dual Sided Printing:
      The HDP5600 offers dual-sided printing in which both sides of your ID card are printed in a single step. The extra space resulting from dual-sided printing is often used for additional cardholder information, barcodes, and contact information for lost cards. Some users duplicate card information from the front onto the back so that the information is always visible, regardless of whether the card flips over. Whatever your needs may be, you have the extra space available with dual-sided printing.
    • Optional Encoding:
      With Fargo’s HDP5600, you no longer need different machines for encoding and printing your cards. Instead, the HDP5600 printer has the capability to be upgraded with a variety of encoder modules. Additionally, any of the smart card and proximity card encoders can be combined with the magnetic stripe encoder. Available encoding options include:

      • ISO Magnetic Stripe Encoder: Capable of encoding 2 and 3 track magnetic stripe cards
      • Omnikey Cardman 5121: For encoding iClass, MIFARE, and DESFire cards
      • Omnikey Cardman 5125: For reading HID Proximity cards
      • Omnikey Cardman 5127: For encoding iClass, MIFARE, DESFire and HID Proximity card formats
    • Optional Lamination:
      Lamination modules for both single-sided lamination as well as dual-sided lamination are available for the HDP5600 printer. Lamination is available in a variety of beneficial materials including standard laminates for increased durability, UV resistant laminates for increased fade resistance, and holographic laminates for added security. Each type of laminate is also available in special configurations for smart card and magnetic stripe cards.
    • Optional Wi-FI:
      As a standard feature, Fargo’s HDP5600 offers both Ethernet and USB connectivity. For users who require wireless connectivity, the printer can be ordered with an additional Wi-Fi module. The Wi-Fi module is pre-loaded with Wi-Fi software and comes with easy step-by-step configuration instructions.
    • Optional card hopper upgrade:
      The traditional 100-card input hopper of the HDP5600 can be upgraded to a 200 card input hopper for large batch printing needs. Additionally, the printer can be upgraded to utilize two separate input hoppers. Such a feature allows for printing different types of cards depending on the application, without the hassle of swapping out cards or hoppers.
    • Optional extended warranty and printer loaner plans
      ID Wholesaler’s extended warranty plans include toll-free technical support, live chat support, total parts and labor replacement, and fast turn-around on printer repairs. This satisfaction-guaranteed service is handled in-house by our knowledgeable, factory-trained technical support team.Our printer loaner coverage plans provide you with a loaner printer in the event your printer needs to be sent to ID Wholesaler for repair. Printer loaner plans help ensure you won’t be without a printer and your card printing can continue uninterrupted.
  • Optional card printer training
    Get your new HDP5600 card printer up and running in no time with a training session from our in-house Technical Support team. We will tailor your training around your specific printer and your specific needs. A card printer training session may include topics such as:

    • ID card printer installation assistance
    • How to load the ribbon and cards
    • A review of the printer’s user interface
    • Special printer features and how to use them

Asure ID 7 Solo Software

  • Powerful software in a user-friendly package
    The HDP5600 dual-sided printing system includes Asure ID Solo 7, an entry level ID card software that provides you with quick, simple card design and printing tools. Enhanced from its previous version, Asure ID Solo 7 offers a user-friendly interface, two-sided card design and printing, and basic built-in database functionality with Microsoft Access.

Credential Cam Digital Photo ID Webcam

  • Plug and play ease in capturing ID photos
    With its five layer glass lens and Autosmart facetracking, the Credential Cam included with your HDP5600 system is optimized for capturing ID photos, and works exceptionally well for all card printing applications. The camera is designed to simply plug and play; withing minutes you will have quality images on your photo ID badges.

Color Ribbon and Cards

  • Supplies you need to start printing immediately
    Fargo’s HDP5600 dual-sided system includes a full-color, 500 print-count YMCK ribbon, and 500 PVC cards.

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