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These are simple and very popular read-only RFID cards mainly for use with older systems…

The TK4100 are a basic type of RFID card, read-only, 125 kHz RFID cards which contain a unique serial number (UID) for the purposes of identification. They are suitable for use in applications for access control, time and attendance monitoring, or other applications where there is not a high level of security required.

 Manufacturer:  Fudan
 RF protocol:  TK4100
 Frequency:  125 kHz
 Memory:  64bit – Read only memory
 Modulation:  ASK
 Reading distance:  2-3 cm
 Dimensions:  CR80 (85,60 x 53,98 mm)
 Thickness:  0,84 mm
 Material:  PVC
 Printing options:  offset printing, thermal re-transfer, thermal transfer

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